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Extract from start of memoir

Here is the cover blurb for my memoir, followed by an extract from it. An elderly writer and painter with a rare, one-in-a-million congenital brain cancer is caught in a sinister Kafkaesque labyrinth of institutionalised incompetence, conscious cruelty, grotesque absurdity, moral corruption, cover up and lies. This true-life memoir is written in the blaze of […]

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Scarlett Johansson & Eva

When I begin a portrait like that of Scarlett Johansson, or Eva, or Masha (Maria), women I may have known only briefly in real life if at all, it’s like plunging into an ocean of infinite possibilities from which in a state of exhilarated despair I hope to net something of the essence of these […]

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Trust me I’m a brain surgeon

Sometimes I wish I could wake up as someone else, but then, if I had been someone else without my background and history in which, right from a small child I’d had to develop powerful strategies and skills to survive spiritually, emotionally and mentally as well as physically in an ever more dystopian world, I […]

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The Brighton Triptych

‘The Brighton Triptych’: inspired by my Brighton poem ‘Lemon Jelly’ and my beloved Jean – a vision of goodness and loveliness distilled from all the women I have known, read about, or imagined, and yearned to find embodied in one radiant being who manifests herself to me with the luminosity of an ikon, or a […]

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Portrait of a Scottish Poet and Painter

In the case of ‘Portrait of a Scottish Poet and Painter’ (one of many of this stunning beauty scattered randomly among the chaotic pages of this website) I responded to requests to exhibit an image as a work-in-progress, and so I displayed the half-finished canvas which, at that stage, I guess showed my muse in […]

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My Daughter, Kathryn-Jayne

One day in 2005 it struck me that the face emerging from the mess of pigments which I kept scraping down was an image not of my studio model but my 18 year old daughter Kathryn-Jane whom I’d never seen (not even a photo) and whose whereabouts were unknown, driven purely by emotion and instinct […]

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My Secret Scottish Muse

Having made my irrevocable decision to die, I began through painting to rediscover life and who else I am. And in hitherto inaccessible or forbidden places I met a bizarrerie of characters who teased out what lies buried deep inside me so that the final work is not just about them but a mingling of […]

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